Sunday, January 23, 2011


I feel like I can barely keep up with anything going on. I am happy to get the laundry done, food on the table and remember to pick the kids up from school and drive them to whatever tennis facility they need to be at. That means that my blog isn't the top of my list but today we are home and have a few minutes. I have much to catch up on so I figured I would make a list of how our last month went.

1. Maia got a fish named Santa for Christmas.
2. We got a pet mouse named Ella the Speedy Mouse - Ella is short for elephant since she was a white elephant gift.
3. Santa brought Addie the last historical American Girl doll for Christmas.
4. Joey got me a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring for Christmas!! Total Suprise!
5. Kids played great in tennis tournament over Christmas break.
6. Joey got promoted to President of Drive Marketing. Well Deserved!!
7. With the inversion we have sunshine.
8. We got to see Adam & Angi at Christmas time!
9. Addie got a foot spa that she loves using to give me pedicures.
10. Macy is finally past the puppy stage and did not try to open a present or take ornaments off the tree.

1. Nicholas missed the entire month of December due to headaches and stomach aches.
2. We have to pay for all of the Doctor appointments & tests Nicholas is having.
3. Ella the Speedy Mouse died after only two loving weeks in our house.
4. Santa doesn't know what to get Addie for Christmas next year. (He has loved American Girl Dolls.)
5. Nicholas had to get glasses. He didn't really want to look any more like his dad.

1. Nicholas is still not healthy and has missed two weeks of school in January.
2. Nicholas has to do some really "crappy" tests to figure out what is wrong with him.
3. Maia has been home for over a week with a fever between 102 & 103 degrees.
4. I feel twice on my tailbone and am barely able to sit on it without pain.
5. Joey and I both at different times fell of the ladder with bruises to show.


  1. oh man... i hope nicholas gets better soon. thanks for the quick update!

  2. I hope you get answers on Nicholas quickly. And that the rest of you can stay healthy and injury-free.

  3. How frustrating to have him in such pain and not know why - I hope you can get some answers quickly.